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Siren 3 Plus Main Device


The Siren 3 Plus is the most affordable, compact and feature-rich Smart Boat Monitoring solution we offer. Together with the Siren Marine Mobile App, the Siren 3 Plus offers the same connectivity & core features Siren Marine is known for – keeping you connected to your boat anywhere, anytime.

Install the Siren 3 Plus on your boat to monitor and track multiple critical systems such as battery voltage, bilge pump activity, water levels, shore power status, engine performance, temperature, location & more right on the App. Receive instant alerts in case of a critical event, catching small issues before they become large, costly ones. With Siren Marine, have peace of mind knowing your boat is literally in the palm of your hand. Some features require a Siren 3 Series Wireless Sensor or Wired Sensor.

Standard Features

Battery Monitoring

Monitor your boat’s battery & receive alerts if voltage is low

GPS Position/Geofence

Track boat’s location & receive alerts on boat movement

NMEA 2000

Best-in-class NMEA 2000 marine electronics backbone connectivity

Digital Switching

Remotely control multifunction displays, lights, refrigerator & more

Global LTE (4G/5G)

The latest cellular technology connects you to your boat anywhere, anytime

Features with Add-On Sensors & Accessories

Engine Metrics

Monitor performance & support metrics for any NMEA propulsion system

Connected Fluid Tanks

Monitor tank levels (i.e. fuel, water, etc.) and check level history


Add snap, motion & entry sensors for the ultimate boat security system


Monitor bilge activity, including bilge run time & daily bilge cycles

High Water

Detect water and monitor water level in bilge

Shore Power

Monitor shore power connection & receive power outage alerts


Monitor temperature of cabin, engine room, fridge and/or bait locker

Satellite Compatible

SirenSat provides smart boat location & tracking when outside of cell range

Wireless Sensors 3.0

Siren 3 Pro delivers improved wireless connectivity

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